Coverage of Upper Austrian church music archives for RISM

As part of a current project at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 1770 items from the holdings of various church and private music archives in the federal state of Upper Austria were were catalogued for the greatest musicological database worldwide, the "International Inventory of Musical Sources " (RISM – The newly-added Austrian items are historically important music manu­scripts and prints from the 18th to the 20th century. The RISM editorial headquarters are in Frankfurt am Main. The data in RISM’s catalogues can be researched online free of charge.

IIn the course of the ÖAW project, the holdings of Linz Alter Dom (A-LId) and numerous parish archives and other collections were covered for RISM online: Pfarrarchiv Ansfelden (A-ANS), Pfarr­archiv Gramastetten (A-GR), the private collection Glisic in Linz (A-LIglisic), Pfarrarchiv Ranshofen (A-RAN), Pfarrarchiv Schwanenstadt (S-SCHW), Pfarrarchiv Linz Stadtpfarre (A-LIsp), Pfarrarchiv Hartkirchen (A-HAR), Pfarrarchiv St. Georgen an der Gusen (A-SGG), Pfarrarchiv Schörfling (A-SCHA), Pfarrarchiv Taiskirchen (A-TAI), the archive of the Hans Sachs Chor Wels (A-WEhsc), the archive of the Chorgemeinschaft Freistadt (A-FRcg) and the music archive of Stift Wilhering (A-WIL). The RISM-OPAC catalogue entries for these collections can be accessed by entering the respective siglum for the library (A-LId, A-ANS, etc.), and they can also be researched according to other criteria (composer’s name, performing forces, musical tags, etc.).

This resource is supported by the provincial government of Upper Austria (Oberösterreichische Landesregierung), the Diocesan Archive Linz and Stift Wilhering.