Data for Research on Music in Austria (DEMOS)

DEMOS (Data for Research on Music in Austria) is a collection of sources and material on Austrian music history, with the focal points "Vienna", "19th century" and "The first half of the 20th century".

Most of the databases presented here originated in a long-term project begun in 1979 under the direction of the Departement for Music Research of the ÖAW – now the Division of Musicology of the IKM – supported by the city of Vienna. Its aim was the evaluation of music and theatre periodicals (mostly Viennese).

Up to the present (2016) six sectional databases have been made available for research. Of special significance is the extensive database of those who have studied musicology at the University of Vienna from 1856 onward, based on the Nationalen in the university archives.

The aim of the database portal is to make accessible source materials important for research on music in Austria.