Projects of the Division of Musicology (ÖAW)

Web Archive Anton Bruckner is a comprehensive Internet portal (web archive) on Anton Bruckner, including not only electronically documented manuscript sources but also compositions, relevant persons and places. ... :: read more

Digital Music Analysis with Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) Techniques Using Anton Bruckner’s Compositional Studies as an Example

This interdisciplinary project seeks to explore the extent to which the methods of XML technology can be fruitfully employed in the field of musicology, using the automated analysis of harmonic structures as an example. ... :: read more

Digital Catalogue of Anton Bruckner‘s Works

The project Digital Catalogue of Anton Bruckner‘s Works is designed to bring about a new and fully re-vised edition of the printed Werkverzeichnis Anton Bruckner (WAB), published in 1977. ... :: read more

Anton Bruckner Lexicon online (ABLO)

The Anton Bruckner Lexicon online is designed to comprise more than 1,000 articles relating to Anton Bruckner including numerous illustrations and sheet music, covering the fields of „works“, „people“, „places“ and „special topics“. :: read more

CANTUS PLANUS Austria provides information on mediaeval music manuscripts and liturgical books not containing musical no­ta­tion from Austrian libraries. In the first two phases of the project (2008-2015) the holdings of the Austrian National Library Vienna were tapped. ... :: read more

CANTUS Network: Liturgy and Music in the Medieval Ecclesiastical Province of Salzburg

For many centuries, the metropolitan province of Salzburg with its episcopal and suffragan dioceses Passau, Säben-Brixen, Freising and Regensburg played a key role in the cultural history of Austria and Bavaria. It is thus all the more important that the many surviving liturgical musical sources are made digitally accessible and subjected to scholarly analysis. ... :: read more

Data for Research on Music in Austria

DEMOS is a collection of sources and material on Austrian music history, with the focal points "Vienna", "19th century" and "First half of the 20th century". ... :: read more

Oesterreichisches Musiklexikon

The Oesterreichisches Musiklexikon (oeml) is a work of reference on Austrian music in all of its manifestations. "Austria" is understood in its Central European dimension, in line with the country’s historical development. ... :: read more

Schubert Autographs online

When Franz Schubert died on 19 November 1828 at only 31 years of age, he left behind a substantial body of work of secular and sacred music. The world’s largest collection of digitalised ... :: read more

Coverage of Upper Austrian Church Music Archives for RISM

As part of a current project at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 1770 titles from the holdings of various church and private music archives in the federal state of Upper Austria were ... :: read more