Digital Musicology Austria

digital-musicology is an online platform for the presentation of research projects in the field of Digital Musicology in Austria, particularly those of the Division of Musicology (ACDH-CH) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Here, users will find knowhow, software applications and examples of digital online editions of musical notation and Edirom works. The platform presents technologies that enable online editions of work corpora. The website also serves as a place to present editions of music created as part of taught classes at the Department of Musicology at the University of Vienna


A range of sample musical editions are available on digital-musicology. The musical examples are MEI coded and are rendered and displayed on the fly in the browser. Furthermore, the web­site aims to make projects on the editions of work corpora available for which printing is either too costly or simply not viable.


As part of the Digital Humanities, Digital Musi­cology in the proper sense is the canon of mo­delling, transformation and analytical ap­pli­ca­tions for processing native, digitally ge­ner­a­ted information. This includes both notation and text as well as audio data. In a wider sense, Di­gi­tal Musicology also includes projects based upon traditional database systems with the task of processing structural data.

Music Encoding Initiative (MEI)

Over the coming years, traditional, digital forms of archiving and editing musical notation will increasingly replace printed forms of publi­ca­tion. The XML-based coding technique of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) has now estab­lished itself as the standard. Among other things, digital editions of music offer the option of presenting corrections, variants or different stages in the development of compositions.