Anton Bruckner: Edirom Sample Editions

Anton Bruckner Edirom Editions

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Messe in e-Moll (WAB 27)

Marsch (WAB 96)

3 Orchesterstücke (WAB 97)

Ouvertüre (WAB 98)

Abendklänge (WAB 110)

Streichquintett F-Dur (WAB 112)

Intermezzo (WAB 113)

Aequale (WAB 114)

Edirom tools enable the synoptic presentation of images of musical sources on the computer screen. "Bar-graphing", that is, defining the coordinates of bars on an image and subsequently linking this positional data with those of further sources, means that the bars of musical works can be navigated in parallel. The corresponding bars of different sources are displayed simultaneously. These Edirom presentations were originally published as CD-ROM applications (cf. Reger edition, supplements to volumes of printed music). Edirom technology was developed further for the Complete Edition of the Works of Carl Maria von Weber (WeGA). Today, serviceable online editions can be produced using Edirom. The Center Music–Edition–Media (ZENMEM) in Detmold drives performance im­prove­ments. Now, besides TEI documents, MEI data can also be rendered and linked with the image data using Verovio.

The Edirom-Online application was installed on the Department of Musicology’s server by staff of the Academy’s computer centre and adapted to digmus requirements of. Suitable works by Anton Bruckner were chosen as sample editions; images of the sources and the descriptive metadata were provided by Project staff Philipp Prückl was responsible for "bar-graphing" the image data,

At present, the performance can still be limited. It can take some time to load the images (clicking on the facsimile sometimes helps), causing overlaps in dis­playing the bar numbers on the facsimiles. A detailed instruction manual on how to use the Edirom display is available online. We recommend using an up-to-date browser (Firefox Ver. 43 or newer); JavaScript needs to be activated in the browser.

Once the performance issues have been sorted, the editions will be implemented in Further editions will follow gradually. We would like to thank the Edirom specialists of the WeGA and the ZENMEM for their assistance in installing Edirom-Online.